Cloud Based

All information on InnMaster is stored in the cloud and accessed via browser which means you don't need any additional hardware or software to use it.

PDF Reports

InnMaster has a range of useful PDF reports including a comprehensive weekly summary sheet which can be sent automatically to your accountant each week

Performance Metrics

Check your perfomance on a weekly basis using our automated shadow P&L. InnMaster's dashboard will help you stay on track and stay in profit


Anyone can sign up for an account on InnMaster then be given access to a venue. This means you can easily give your accountant access to your financial information

About InnMaster

In 2010 we took on our own pub and immediately looked for a system we could use to record our income, expenditure and payroll and to manage our stock. All of the accounting systems we found such as Xero and Sage were tailored towards running shops and warehouses, and all the systems we found that were designed for bars and restaurants like Forth were way out of our price range and aimed at big chain businesses. We decided to make our own system, which led us to design it as something that other people could benefit from using... and in 2012 InnMaster was created!

InnMaster was designed with some key fundamental points in mind;

  • Affordable for people running just one single bar or restaurant
  • Simple, clean and easy-to-use front end tailored for managers
  • Multi-user access allowing easy sharing of operational data

InnMaster is easy to set up and use. You can set it up yourself so we won't charge you a huge setup fee. It's affordable for people running a single venue and we have no contracts or minimum term, so if you decide not to use it any more you just stop paying the monthly fee.

Learn More

Take a look at 3 great reasons to use InnMaster Bar & Restaurant Cloud-Based Bookkeeping System

Click play on the video to see a demo of InnMaster and the features included. Here are three reasons why InnMaster could be beneficial to your business operation

  • Track Your Income and Expenses

    Entering your income daily and expenses each week using InnMaster will allow you to download a shadow Profit & Loss report, which means you instantly know your profit level at the end of each week and won't need to wait 6 weeks for your Accountant to produce operational reports.

  • InnMaster will automatically split a total weekly income projection into a wet/dry split, which means you can order food and drink based on your estimated trade levels. By forecasting your income you can plan your rota cost to the percentage of sales you feel is comfortable for your business.

  • Enter the cost and selling prices of your products to see the Gross Profit percentage (GP%) or Cost of Sale percentage (CoS%) for each individual product line. InnMaster has a full stocktaking system built in, so if you count your stock you can obtain stock surplus or deficit information and overall GP%.


Our innovative solutions, features and tools are designed to help you stay in profit.


See your business profits and summary information on our easy-to-read dashboard

Sales & Income

Forecast and track your sales and view daily & monthly trends for each income type


Budget and record your purchases, track bill payment information and outstanding tax liabilities

Online Ordering

Load your supplier catalogue and InnMaster will email your food and drink orders to your suppliers

Payroll & Employees

Store payroll information, plan your rota online and cost your staffing levels against forecasts

Weekly Summary

Download a PDF summary of your weekly trading activity which you can send to your Accountant

Stock Control

Carry out your own in-house stocktaking exercise, made easy when you use online ordering


Produce analytical reports of your operation including a shadow P&L and sales trends

Free 30 Day Trial

You can start your free 30 day trial period now. We wil NOT ask you for any credit card or bank details during the sign up process, there is no commitment to continue at the end of the trial


InnMaster is charged as one flat monthly fee per venue with no setup costs, no tiered plans and no hidden costs. We have a 30 day free trial so that you can see if InnMaster will suit your needs and after that it's pay-as-you-go -- so if you no longer need InnMaster you can just stop paying the monthly fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you create my venue and set the system up for me?

    We've worked hard to ensure that InnMaster can be set up without needing any help and without the need for any setup fees. If you don't have the time or resources to do it yourself you can choose to pay us a fee to load your data. Charges will vary depending on the amount of data and how much work is involved -- for more information please raise a ticket by emailing us at

  • Unfortunately it isn't possible for us to customise the system for everyone and there isn't a facility to switch off unused features. It is possible to build custom dashboards and custom menu bars, but this is comes with a development fee and we would only usually recommend this if you are running multiple venues

  • As mentioned above, it isn't possible to turn off features without building a custom dashboard and menu, and this would incur an additional fee. InnMaster comes with a standard fee with all features included, if you choose not to use some features we cannot give you a discount.

  • We can create customised reports and can add features to the system. These requests are carried out as projects and can be scheduled in when we have the resources to accomodate the tasks. All projects are subject to an hourly development fee.

  • We have integrated InnMaster into various till systems in the past using API calls. We find there is very little need to integrate InnMaster to pull in daily sales figures as it will only be two or three figures which can easily be typed. If you wish to request a till integration project it will be charged with the same hourly development fee as above.

  • Our Knowlege Base is the first place you can look for instructions on how to setup and use InnMaster. We have a basic training system that we have set up for site managers to learn how to perform basic end-of-day tasks. Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of this system.

  • We ask that you initially raise a support ticket by emailing which we will review and respond to within 2 business days. Our support desk operates Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm (excl Bank Holidays) -- Please do not phone us for support unless you experience an urgent problem, it is likely you will be asked to raise a ticket.

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